Arkham - People

Citizens of and visitors to Arkham will no doubt be familiar with certain noteworthy characters.


Joseph Peabody – Mayor of Arkham
Asa Nichols – Chief of Police
Eli Whittaker – Postmaster
Benijah Adams – Fire Chief
Joel Manton – School Superintendent
Judge Keezar Randall – a prominent judge at Justice Court


Doctor Harvey Wainscott – President of Miskatonic University and candidate for Mayor

Religious Leaders

Doctor Ezekiel Wallace – pastor of the Asbury M.E. Church
Doctor Willet Spencer – minister of the First Unitarian Church of Arkham
Father Archibald Bishop – pastor of Christchurch Episcopal
Reverend Charles Noyes – pastor of First Baptist Church of Arkham
Father Paul Sheene – pastor of St. Michael’s Catholic Church
Doctor Eben Sutton – pastor of First Presbyterian Church
Reverend Wharton Armbruster – pastor of Arkham Reserved Congregational Church
Father Casimir Iwanicki – pastor of St. Stanislaus Catholic Church
Father Anthony Morency – pastor of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Catholic Church

Other Well-Known Citizens

E Lapham Peabody – curator of the Arkham Historical Society
Bartholomew Appley IV – a wealthy playboy who hosts huge parties every Saturday night
Stewart Portman – a wealthy sophisticate and collector.

Arkham - People

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